An oriental affair

Location: Noble Mansion, Plaza33

Styling: Dessert table, VIP table and tea ceremony area

This was a very special project, considering the couple that I was styling for is no other than my only brother and my new sister-in-law. The evening was filled with so much laughter and cheer, surrounded by family far and near. Gosh, that rhymed.

ANYWAY….My parents have always been very traditional–no special occasion was to be without the colour red, and such i decided to make everything glowing in red and gold! With the help from dedicated vendors, I pulled off this very oriental affair featuring the word Hei in every possible corner of my styling gig. From the striking tea ceremony tray to the red Chinese flower ball lovingly handmade by my parents, every part of the style was put together with so much thought and love. My wish for my brother and my new sister in law is to have a lifetime of love and laughter!

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