Laena’s “coming out” party + a Superdaddy’s birthday on the side

Last weekend i got to work on this “combo” party for a 2.5 month old and her 36 year old daddy!

The theme was simply “OH the places we’ll go” which i think is SUPER meaningful for the couple who are now new parents! They are on a journey seeing their little one grow and growing together with her. What an adventure it’s going to be 🙂

Hot air balloons took centrestage as they hung amongst a wall of rainbow streamers. Inside each balloon was a little chocolatey treat for guests to bring home as party favours. Who would have thought that these started out as Easter plastic eggs??

There were plenty of “work” where guests had to break out their creative juices and help create a set of alphabet flash cards. Oh my, I’m not too sure if those flash cards would make it past mommy and daddy’s censorship board!

All in all, it was great fun styling a party and being a guest as well. Thank you L & TH for having (and hiring) me! Much love to Laena for being the most chilled out baby amidst all the havoc and noise.

Venue AMPM Cafe
Cake by Sweet Talk Cuppies

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