My littlest one is 1!

One year ago today, I was at my obs’ office getting the news that I will be having my baby before the close of business. Can’t believe how time has just flew by and now our littlest one is 1!

With back to back gigs, AND literally not much time at all to prep for my baby’s first birthday, Hubby and I hosted a very casual afternoon tea party for our guests.

The spread featured local favourites to English scones served with cream and cherry jam. I also had a selection of snacks from our favourite dim sum place, and some tangy lemon macarons to finish off on a sweet note.

I placed a custom order of some rocking horse fondant cookies (from Sweet Memories just cause our little one was born in the year of the horse! They were too cute to eat though….

What’s an afternoon tea without tea? I served coffee instead! Guests helped themselves at the coffee kiosk equipped with stirrers, a sugar pot and a selection of Nespresso pods. I warmed up some fresh milk and have it filled into glass bottles to serve.

What a great year it has been. My wish for Aaron is that he will grow up healthy and happy always. Mummy and daddy loves you.

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