Nursery rhyme first birthday

A dear friend got in touch with me and asked if I could style his son’s 1st birthday do to his favourite songs and rhymes. This project was definitely a revision course for me as my firstborn has outgrown these songs (and my youngest one isn’t introduced to it yet!)

Bryant, the cutest little person who was born on Easter Sunday last year, is very fond of Yankee Doodle, 12345 and oddly a popular children’s Christmas song featuring a red nosed reindeer called Rudolph.

Putting those elements together and with some extra help from other whimsical Mother Goose characters, i achieved this explosion of colour WHICH IS possibly the most rainbowy party i’ve ever styled!

The balloon sculptures were designed and transformed to life by the ever talented Syndy of Popalloon who was like a magician armed with an electric pump and no fear of popping balloons.

Thank you Jason & Swee Ying and my wish for Bryant is that he will grow up to be a kind and caring person to everyone around him.

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