Something new, something old

Location: Ciao Ristorante, KL

Styling: Dessert cart and snack table

It was in January when I was asked to quote for a “snack bar” that was unlike anything, anyone has done before.

The wedding planner was hoping to gel together something new and something old, crossing between vintage circus and old school charm.

It was easy for me to think about the candy cart typically found at a carnival–you know, cotton candy and popcorn!

……but the challenge was to create something that was “old school”. Ice cream potong kinda old school.

I was thinking about what i could do — that was not only fun, but something that people would say heyyyy this was my childhood! I presented a provision shop concept to the couple and BAM! it was a GO!

My late uncle had a provision shop and i remember vaguely how I always loved going there and conveniently taking the snacks and sweets that were displayed on his countertop. I tried to keep the same concept with the 10 snacks that really took the guests back in time. I was quite surprised that alot of these snacks are still in production, and that they have never changed its packaging and look!

I had a lot of fun (albeit some stressful nights of planning) putting this together.

Thank you Leticia for giving me the opportunity to showcase what I can deliver.

My best wishes to D+V as they begin their journey as husband and wife.

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