Welcome to the carnival

As a mom I wanted to create a fun party filled with activities for the kids. Something that would keep them occupied and at the same time the adults can join in the fun too.

For my firstborn’s 5th birthday i decided hey, why not put together a carnival with games and prizes?? I’m happy i brought some happy to this birthday party!

I tried to keep the carnival theme throughout, from the signature red and white stripes of the big top to the carnival inspired games.

The children had to complete all the games and earn stickers on their scorecard to claim prizes at the prize booth! There was even a little ice cream shoppe where the kids could take turns and serve ice cream to their friends.

Though the 2 hour party seemed like forever, I enjoyed every minute of putting this together!

Cake by Sweet Talk Cuppies
Yummy food by Aunty Mary’s Delights
Canvas printing by Scapemedia Sdn Bhd
Pinata purchased from Gifts From Heaven
Theme concept by Happy & Co

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